Madrid & Home

On June 3 I took the bus from Santiago to Madrid to catch the flight back home on June 7th. My foot was still hurting so I spent most of the time reading at the hotel. But I did devote one day to walking through the Jardin Botanica next to the Prada Museum. Click on the picture below to see a flickr slideshow of the flowers. madrid, metropolis
jardin botanica

I’m Home

June 8, 2013

Got in at 9:00 PM last night, safe and sound in my home.

out and back

My body still thinks it is in Spain, and my mind, well, I will have to patient, it will return some day. Some random thoughts as I try to collect myself:

  1. Weighed myself and discovered I'd lost 30 pounds! My neighbors must think a crazy man has returned, for all they hear is a man shouting "Yes" at strange times.
  2. Found myself singing Randy Newman's "Feels Like Home" as I combed my hair this morning.
  3. Almost said "Gracias" when I bought my coffee and scone at the local coffee shop. God, I have waited forever for a scone!
  4. I'm learning how to trim a beard - learning is the operative word.
  5. Did people start walking faster to unimportant destinations and appointments since I left?
  6. A good friend sent a link to a trailer for a new documentary on the Camino. The trailer is only three minutes long and I was tearing up.
  7. Facebook still shows the ads in Spanish on my computer. You would think that after all my tax dollars, FaceBook, Google and the NSA would be able to develop systems that were quicker at keeping track of where I am (or maybe they want me to think that way).
  8. I'm home and glad to be back.

Now begins the countless hours putting all the pictures from the Camino into a presentable format. I'll send out a link to you all when I'm done.

I need to say again, and not for the last time, thank you all for your support, blessings and encouragement. There were moments on the Camino when the thought of giving up, that there was no possible way I could keep going, clouded my thoughts. And all I had to do was focus on your collective energy - and on I went.

Thank you.