Zafra to Merida

At this point in the pilgrimage I was still learning how to handle the constant walking, navigation of the albergues and trusting that "the Camino will provide". Montesario was a turning point. I had tried to find a local cafe for dinner and had been forced to retreat to the albergue when it started to rain and I had no raincoat with me. When I walked into the albergue wet and hungry a German couple invited me over to the kitchen table to share their dinner. It was a beautiful, much appreciated gesture and a marvelous meal. English was spoken maybe 5% of the time, but I still felt included as a friend. merida

Pictures from this stage.

An email to my sister (FYI - I resolved to grow a beard on the Camino):

Beard Update

April 14, 2013 (email to to my sister)
It is what it is. A beard in training. I avoid mirrors.

When I get back we will talk for days about this pilgrimage. I've had long dinners with beautiful young women, been invited to dinner by a German couple where English was spoken maybe 5% of the time, forded creeks swollen from the rain, gotten lost more times than I can count, dealt with blisters and tendonitis, and walked alone for hours. This is becoming an initiation rite.

Love you dearly and miss you more than you will ever know.



Merida and the Roman Ruins